How to Easy Apply For the Education Loan:

Students are eagerly waiting to get Admission in Best University of India or University in Abroad for their Better Future. But the Better truth Is Studies In Abroad Or getting Admission in the Best University Is Very Much Expensive, Every Student can Not Afford The Expenses of the Higher Studies. Most of the Student Are Prefer Study in Abroad Now Days for their Farther Studies. Most Of them Can’t Afford Expenses of Studding in Abroad. The Numbers Of Students Who Are Going To Abroad For the Studies Are Increasing Very Fast, So Every Student Did Not get the Chance To For Scholarship. So Most of the Student Prefer to take Education Loan for the Studies. But many Students didn’t Know How to Get Education Loan.

So, today we are discussing About How to Apply for Education Loan Easily.

Apart From Bank, So many financial firms offers Education Loan. But Always Prefer Bank Option for the Education Loan.

In Today’s time technology has Become Advance So Much that you can get Education Loan without Any Hustle Just from Sitting at Your Home.

There are two ways to apply for education Loan.

  1. Offline
  2. Online
  3. For Online Application you have to fill the Online Form of the Application of Education Loan and Upload Required Documents for the Process. All the Banks have their Own Banking Application for the Customer Services So that they don’t need to go to the branch For the Time Consuming Process. Student can go to the bank Loan Option and Select the Education Loan for the Application.
  4. For the Offline Method, Applicant needs to go to the Bank and Submit All the Required Documents after Discussing with the Bank Authority and apply For the Education Loan.

Types of Education Loan:

Domestic Education Loan:

Student Who Wants to Study In India Only They Can Apply For the Domestic Education Loan.

Overseas Education Loan:

Student who wants Go Abroad for the Further Studies, they can apply for the Overseas Education Loan

U.G Education Loan:

This type of Education Lone Provide Finance To the student who wants to complete their Graduation.

P.G Education Loan:

The Student who have completed their Graduation But can Not Afford Expense of the Post Graduation Degree can apply for this Post.

Career Development Loan:

This loan is for those who work in a company and want to do a professional course to get a better job opportunity or promotion. This type of loan is beneficial for such individuals to get admission in good business or technical institutes to develop their skills and take their career to greater heights.

Loan against Property, Security, and Deposit.

You can Mortgage Your Property, Fix Deposit, and Bond Etc against the Loan.

 Third Party Guarantee Loan:

Letter of Bank Employee or Home Bank Guarantee Letter will Help You To get the Loan.

How Much Education Will Student can Get?

Students can Get Education Loan On The basis Of Entrance Fees and Education Expenses.

So here we have Provide You Most of the Important Information About the education Loan

More Information about the Education Loan You will get From the Bank, Before Applying for the Education Loan Consult the Bank for the Detail Information.

Driving Licence Gujarat – Driving License Online & Offline Apply in Gujarat 2022

Driving Licence Is the Most Important Document For those Who Are Driving Two Or Four Wheeler. You can Not Drive Your vehicle Without Driving Licence. If You Are Driving Your Vehicle Without the Licence Is Can Be A Punishable Act. Traffic Police can take Action on You.

Government Of Gujarat Make Easy Way For those Who Wants To Apply For the Driving Licence.

Government has Started Online Facility Who wants to Apply for the Licence.

Here We Will Discuss About How You Can Apply For Licence Online And Offline Both.

First you have To Apply for the Lerner Licence Along With All the Required Documents. For that you have to Give Computer Exam.

Once You Clear Your Computer Exam for Learning Licence, You can Drive Your Vehicle for Six Month with the Learning License.

For The Main Driving Licence you have to give test drive as per the Rules of RTO.

What Is Learning Driving Licence For Driving Licence In Gujarat?

Lerner License is a temporary Licence. It means you know how to drive but you are waiting for Your Driving Licence. It Is Valid Only For Six Months. After that you can Not Drive with the Lerner Licence.

After One Month of Learning Licence You can apply for the Permanent Driving Licence.

Types of Learning Licence In Gujarat:-

  • The Gujarat RTO issues a learning Licence to an individual on the basis of the class of vehicle he wants to drive. Below are the types of learning Licence issued to an individual in Gujarat:
  • Learning Licence issued for a light motor vehicle: This type of LL includes vehicles such as jeeps, auto rickshaws, delivery vans, etc.
  • Learning Licence issued for a medium passenger vehicle: This type of LL includes vehicles such as tempos and minivans used for ferrying passengers.
  • Learning Licence issued for a medium goods vehicle: This type of LL includes vehicles such as delivery trucks, tempos used for transportation of goods.
  • Learning Licence issued for heavy passenger vehicle: This type of LL includes vehicles such as large buses and vans used for ferrying passengers.
  • Learning license issued for heavy goods vehicle: This type of LL includes vehicles such as huge trucks and vans used for transporting goods.
  • Learning Licence issued for a motorcycle without gear: This type of LL includes vehicles such as scooters and mopeds without gear.
  • Learning Licence for light motor vehicle: This type of LL includes vehicles such as a car, bikes, etc. with gear.

Eligibility Criteria For Obtaining Learning Licence In Gujarat:

  • To Obtain the Learning Licence To Motor Capacity Should Be 50cc.
  • You can Not Drive Those Vehicles Which Are More than 50cc.
  • Minimum Age of the Person for getting Lerner Licence Is 16 years. You can Not Drive Any vehicle If You Are Less than 16 Years.
  • To Obtain Learning Licence For A Light Motor Vehicle, An Individual Should Be 18 Years Old.
  • To Obtain Learning Licence For the Commercial Vehicle Individual Should Be 20 Years Old.

Document Required For Obtaining Learning Licence:

  • Latest Passport Size Photograph.
  • Residential Address Proof.
  • Aadhar card.
  • Valid Age Proof Document

Online Application Process for Obtaining Learning Licence:

  • Visit the RTO Official Website.
  • Click On the Online Services And Click On the Driving Licence Related Services.
  • Enter the Name Of the State –Gujarat.
  • Click on the Apply Online and Select state Gujarat
  • Fill the Application And Submit the Form Online.
  • Upload Scanned Copy Of Documents Mention Above.
  • Pay the Application Fees.
  • Book the test Slot for Learning Licence Examination.
  • Visit the RTO Office For the Test.
  • Learning Licence Will Be sent to the Applicant Residential Address.

This Is How You will get Your Learning Licence and after One Month of Learning Licence You have to go to the RTO Give Test Ride according to the RTO Rules.


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